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Released on 21.12.10

This year, spend Christmas with the Belles Choses family!

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Belles Choses Musique, beyond a label, has always seen itself as a family. So what could be more natural for them to contribute to the spirit of Christmas of which family is a fundamental value? Thus was born "Christmas with Belles Choses" a Christmas album of 8 unreleased tracks produced by Belles Choses Musique artists including Abrahaam, Sauvane, Cendrars, Ras and many others...

It's a tribute to the traditional spirit of Christmas with the modern influences of electronica, rap and pop that are the DNA of Belles Choses Musique.

In short, it's the Christmas Spirit with a twist!

Release : December 10th

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Abrahaam - Carol Of The Bells
(released on 21.11.19)

Abrahaam revisits the Christmas classic: Carol Of The Bells in epic trap mode!

Already noticed with Iconoclast, his heady anthem with almost 2M streams, soundtrack of the latest DS3 Crossback campaign, or for his grandiose remix of Lady Gaga's Free Woman for her international collaboration with Dom Pérignon; Abrahaam offers us a new glimpse of his mysterious universe on November 19th with this epic cover of the very famous Carol of The Bells. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

While women's choirs take up this familiar melody, we can already feel Abrahaam's so specific bass rising from the depths and quickly introducing a trap/drill beat, modernizing the whole. Like a bridge between tradition and modernity. 

Ras - Home For Christmas
(released on 21.11.26)

Noticed this year for his collaboration with electronic artist Cendrars on Bombay Express with which he won the "Best French Music" 2021 Clubbing TV Award, Ras is a Los Angeles-based rap artist. Producing since 2015, he composes, writes and performs all his songs.
With his track "
Home For Christmas", he takes us to Los Angeles to spend with him a Christmas a little special because here it does not snow, it is always sunny!
Just like his city, Ras offers us a
chill and groovy hip hop track while integrating the true spirit of Christmas.
Perfect for riding around town during the holidays!
"Home For Christmas" is taken from the album "
Christmas With Belles Choses" from the label Belles Choses Musique. A Christmas album of 8 unreleased tracks by the artists of the Belles Choses family that will be released on December 10th.

Jah Allah - Let The Snow Fall (ft.Abrahaam)
(released on 21.12.10)

Join the Santa Claus team and go behind the scenes of the last preparations for Christmas!

For the release of the album "Christmas With Belles Choses" from the French label Belles Choses Musique, the rapper from Albany, N.Y, Jah Allah delivers a magical and modern Christmas tale on a fairy trap beat produced by the electronic music artist Abrahaam

Bells, orchestra and choirs mingle with Jah Allah's catchy flow carried by a deep and danceable trap beat. 

"Christmas with Belles Choses " is a Christmas album of 8 unreleased tracks produced by the artists of Belles Choses Musique including Abrahaam, Sauvane, Cendrars, Ras and many others...

It's a tribute to the traditional spirit of Christmas with the modern influences of electronic music, rap and pop that are the DNA of Belles Choses Musique.
In short, it's the spirit of Christmas with a twist!




Abrahaam has no religion or boundaries.

Noticed since the birth of the project in 2019 with his single Iconoclast notably synchronized on advertising campaign DS3 Crossback, the enigmatic artist is back in the news this year with an exclusive remix of the American pop star Lady Gaga for her collaboration with the luxury champagne Dom Pérignon and takes the opportunity to announce the upcoming arrival of his new EP.


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As if André 3000 and Quincy Jones took a Bon Voyage Organisation ticket on The Internet : Cendrars' French touch awakens the Stevie Wonder sleeping in New Order! A new solo chapter from Mathieu Harlaut (Chamberlain), Cendrars explores an exotic, soulful and sensitive groove. His melodic mantras evoke a mythology of travel: mutant haikus that are spun on a nervous dance.

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Jah Allah started rapping around the age of 15, making music with various artists in his hometown of Albany, N.Y. Known for his wordplay over gritty East Coast beats, most of which he produces himself. He developed his rapping skills from his struggles, to his father not being around to his single mother who worked to take care of him and his siblings. His lyrics take us on a journey into his daily reality.

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French-British singer-songwriter,

Luke offers catchy and upbeat English pop music mixing acoustic guitar and electronic sounds inspired by artists like George Ezra, Vance Joy or Lumineers.

Discover his first track "Christmas Love" in the Christmas album "Christmas With Belles Choses" of the label Belles Choses Musique !

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Ras is a Los Angeles based artist creating music primarily in the hip hop/rap genre. Since 2015 he has been making music producing himself. For the most part Ras handles both the production and writing for his tracks. Known for his collaborations with artists such as Aman, Shazzieshai, Toksikbeats or Cendrars with whom he won the "Best French Music" Clubbing TV Award for their collaboration on Bombay Express in 2021.

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It is by discovering a retro-futuristic image on the Internet that Sabiha AKV found her unique style: colorful, surrealist with a timeless groove...

Passionate about music since her childhood in Madagascar, she finds there an outlet, a refuge to a complicateed family situation.

Out of it comes a music in her image: like a bridge to another dimension. Chaotic but pleasant. 

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With her deep and sensual voice, Sauvane is a dreamy electronic pop artist with multiple skills: at the same time author, composer, performer and director which allows her to create a dense universe influenced by artists such as James Blake, Cocorosie or Björk. She was notably noticed thanks to her collaborations with CloZee on Air (almost 3M streams), Ash or Nuit Oceān.

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